A Festival of Maths for Sixth Formers

Birmingham & London

23 Jan & 6 Feb 2018
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Numberphile Live

Numberphile is a maths youtube channel, but with over a million subscribers it features some of the most popular videos on the internet. Go on, ask your students, they will have heard of it. Run by Brady Haran, it stars James Grime and Matt Parker.

To recreate the experience of a Numberphile video, James and Matt will take maths suggestions from the audience and talk about them in front of a camera while writing on brown paper.

In other words: it is an energetic maths improvisations session even people who have never seen Numberphile will enjoy.

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Maths Slam 2018


Maths Fest is all about the students, and so they should get some stage time as well. Schools can nominate a student or pair of students to come up and present for up to three minutes on any maths topic they find interesting. The Maths Fest celebrity speakers will choose their favourite and declare them the winner of Maths Slam 2018. There will be certificates for all students involved.

All schools need to have registered by email before hand to have a place in the final. There are a limited number of spaces, allocated on a first-come first-served basis. You can register for a place even if you are not certain which student or pair of students will take that place. A good idea is for schools to run their own Maths Slam competition in school to choose their school representative.