A Festival of Maths for Sixth Formers

Birmingham & London

23 Jan & 6 Feb 2018
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Maths Fest 2018 takes place at: New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham on 23 January, and Piccadilly Theatre, London on 6 February. Both events are for sixth-form students to celebrate and be inspired by mathematics, and last all day from 10.30am - 4.00pm. Perfect for your sixth-form maths students (and maths-keen KS4) this is a chance to reward your students who would like to discover more of the exciting side of maths.

Back for a third year, Maths Fest 2018 is ready to excite students and provide free coffee for teachers (two highlights of previous Maths Fests, according to our feedback forms).

Organised by stand-up mathematician Matt Parker and maths author Rob Eastaway, Maths Fest will feature some of the best maths speakers in the world who will talk about their favourite bits of mathematics and show how they use maths in their normal lives. Students will have a chance to meet and chat with maths celebrities.

Speakers for Maths Fest 2018 include:

  • Rob Eastaway: Best-selling Maths Author
  • Hannah Fry: TV star & UCL Maths Lecturer
  • James Grime: Internet Maths Phenomenon
  • Aoife Hunt: Industrial Modelling Expert
  • Seb Lee-Delisle:Programmer & Digital Artist
  • Matt Parker: Stand-up Mathematician
  • Ben Sparks: Mathematician and Musician

MathsFest is deliberately designed to reinforce normal school lessons. A fantastic day-out for mathematics students, certain to leave them excited and ready to learn more maths!

The goal is also to encourage students to study for their A-Level (and GCSE) courses. Every student will be given a free Maths Fest booklet with information about the speakers and talks, along with puzzles and further exercises. It will also contain a revision study guide which will be emphasised by the speakers on stage.

As in previous years, students will once again be able to represent their school and present a maths concept from the stage in under five minutes. More details coming soon.

Maths Fest is also a day for maths teachers. During lunch all teachers are welcome to join the speakers backstage for a coffee (as long as students are still being supervised!). It is also free for any maths teacher in a UK school to attend Maths Fest, even if they do not bring any students. We can provide a CPD sheet to show SLT.