A Festival of Maths for Sixth Formers

Back in early 2023

Royal Institution, London

KS5, keen KS4

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Some of the speakers for 2023 are featured below. More to be announced. Note: not all speakers will be featured on all four days.

Matt Parker

Top YouTuber and Standup Mathematician

Matt Parker is maths author and YouTuber who started out as a classroom maths teacher. His second book, Humble Pi, topped the Sunday Times bestseller list – the first ever maths book to do this. Matt is also one-third of Festival of the Spoken Nerd and a regular on BBC Radio 4. But he’s probably most famous as a YouTuber; his channel Stand up Maths has 1,000,000 subscribers and his videos have had over 100 million views.


Rob Eastaway

Puzzle Expert and Best-Selling Author

Rob Eastaway is a speaker and author whose books on everyday maths include the bestselling Why Do Buses Come In Threes? and Maths on the Back of an Envelope. He is the puzzle adviser to New Scientist magazine, and often appears on BBC Radio 4 and 5 Live to talk about the maths of everyday life.


James Grime

Internet Maths Phenomenon

James Grime has toured the world with his code-breaking talk and a genuine WWII Enigma machine. In his spare time, James creates videos about maths for Youtube – propelling him into an international maths celebrity with millions of views. He also invented the Non-transitive Grime Dice which now bear his name.


Nicole Cozens

Maths Teacher and Exam Expert

Maths teacher and exam expert who starred alongside Matt Parker on the BBC’s The Maths Show, Nicole Cozens has been enthusing young people about maths and avidly marking their exams for 15 years. She also promotes the wonder of maths in her role with the Advanced Maths Support Programme and makes maths out of this world with her work at the National Space Academy.

Yolanda Ohene

Neuroimaging Scientist and Speaker

Dr Yolanda Ohene is a neuroimaging scientist and a speaker who loves talking about the ways maths can help us to understand the human body. She works at The University of Manchester developing techniques to spot diseases in the brain. She has spoken on BBC Tomorrow’s World Live and at some of the biggest UK science events including The British Science Festival, New Scientist Live! and Cheltenham Science Festival. In her spare time, Yolanda enjoys taking photos and painting…(by numbers, of course!).

Colin Wright

Mathematician, Juggler and Communicator

Colin Wright graduated in Pure Mathematics at Monash University, Melbourne, and went on to get a PhD at Cambridge. While there he learned how to fire-breathe, unicycle, and juggle. These days he is director of a company that specialises in software for marine radar, but is spending more and more time to give talks all over the world, focusing on how maths emerges from, and can be found in, the most unexpected places. He has given talks and workshops
in over 20 countries, and appeared on radio and television.

Tom Crawford

Maths Tutor and YouTuber

Dr Tom Crawford is a maths tutor at the University of Oxford with a mission to share his love of maths with the world through his award-winning website tomrocksmaths.com. Whether he’s performing live as the ‘Naked Mathematician’ with Equations Stripped, telling you about his favourite equations on Numberphile, or getting another maths tattoo (12 and counting), it’s safe to say Tom is always finding new ways to misbehave with numbers.

Zoe Griffiths

Top Maths Speaker

Zoe Griffiths is a mathematician who travels the UK and internationally giving talks and workshops in schools, at science festivals, teacher conferences and at comedy nights. Zoe has talked about maths in places ranging from the Cheltenham Science Festival to BBC Radio 4. Before entering the world of maths communication, Zoe worked as a classroom maths teacher and is still a teacher at heart.

Sammie Buzzard

Glaciologist and Climate Scientist

Sammie Buzzard is a glaciologist and climate scientist, based at Cardiff University. Her research focuses on the melting of Antarctica’s ice shelves, using maths to model how and where ice shelves may become vulnerable to sudden collapse. This is important in determining how much Antarctica might contribute to a rise in global sea levels. She fills her spare time playing the oboe, making science themed cakes and supporting Barnet FC which is possibly even more depressing than melting ice shelves…