A Festival of Maths for Sixth Formers

Back in early 2023

Royal Institution, London

KS5, keen KS4

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Previous years

See testimonials from teachers and students below to get an idea of what to expect at Maths Fest.

Interactive Features

‘Taking part in the Maths Slam has really helped me build my confidence and improve my mathematical communication skills.’
Maths Slam participant, Birmingham 2018

‘The puzzles to do over the breaks were perfect.’ Teacher, London 2018

‘The interactivity with the students was excellent.’ Teacher, London 2018

Photo: A student taking part in the Maths Slam.

Celebrity Mathematicians

‘The best part of the day was seeing mathematicians talk with passion about non-syllabus topics.’
 Teacher, London 2018

‘Just sheer quality of the speakers is wonderful.’ Teacher, Birmingham 2019

‘The best part of the day is Matt Parker signing calculators.’ Teacher, London 2019

Photo: Speaker James Grime chatting to students at lunchtime.

Appropriate Content

‘Easy to access but lots of WOW moments.’
Teacher, Birmingham 2019

‘Maths Fest is the best event for high achieving students.’ Teacher, Birmingham 2019

‘I liked that recent and current research was presented, not just standard problems.’ Teacher, Birmingham 2019

Photo: Matt Parker, Katie Steckles and James Grime fielding students’ questions during ‘Numberphile Live’.

Inspiring Talks

‘It blows your mind!’
Student, Year 12, London 2019

‘Our students were enthusiastic about ALL the speakers.’ Teacher, Birmingham 2019

‘My trainee maths teachers loved every session and came away with lots of ideas.’ Teacher, London 2022

‘Hannah Fry’s talk inspired and gave our students an indication/flavour of the future direction of maths.’ Teacher, Birmingham 2019

Photo: Ben Sparks presenting his talk ‘Windmills of your Mind’.