A Festival of Maths for Sixth Formers

8 & 9 February 2024

26 & 27 February 2024

KS5, keen KS4

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Maths Fest is the hand-crafted project of Matt Parker and Rob Eastaway. Both long-established maths speakers they thought it was time there was a maths festival for schools run entirely by passionate mathematicians.

Matt Parker runs Think Maths which sees experienced mathematics speakers give engaging talks in schools and Rob Eastaway runs the highly successful Maths Inspiration half day shows. Together they are very, very excited about Maths Fest.

The goal of Maths Fest is to take your sixth-form maths students (and top-set GCSE if you’d like to bring them) and return them to you motivated for their maths studies at school. Maths Fest celebrates maths as an exciting, useful and rewarding subject and encourages students to take maths further by working hard when back at school.